Beef straw medium or well cooked?

Our beef straw is just milk fillet! A meat so tender, it needs moderate (rare or medium rare) roasting to maintain all its flavor and tenderness. After all, the moretime you cook beef , the harder it gets. The same goes for beef steak, of course.

Why are our pita breads oil-free?

The meat and other ingredients that make up a pitasouvlaki are quite juicy and we don’t need to burden the pita bread with oil which admittedly makes your wrap heavier.

Why don’t we have fresh potatoes?

Fresh potatoes should be eaten immediately after frying. In our store there is takeaway and delivery. Fresh french fries will not reach your place properly because when packaged they boil from the water vapor that is created so that its consumption is not pleasant!

Why does gyros sometimes runs out early in the evening?

The quantities of gyros consumed daily in our store are calculated based on daily and weekly statistics. Gyros is a product that is not recycled nor reused the next day, explicitly and irrevocably! This simply means that the amount that is left over every night is thrown away! So trying to avoid this waste, we use statistics so that we do not exceed the daily requirement in gyros. Unfortunately, the daily demand is always unpredictable, which is why sometimes gyros runs out early in the evening.

Why don’t we put potatoes in tortillas?

Tortilla is a thin material, unlike potatoes which can burden and destroy it. That’s why we prefer to serve it to you without them!


  • Potatoes in souvlaki alter the taste of all other ingredients! Ask for a souvlaki without potatoes!

  • Our salads are prepared the moment the customer orders it. No salad is ready, packaged!

  • In all our salads and grilled vegetables we use only virgin olive oil.

  • In frying we use only refined sunflower oil.

If you have any allergy or intolerance to any food or food ingredient,
please consult our employees in order to advise you on the allergen substances
in foods provided.